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Selling tips

Although we will market your property, see our tips for hints how to maximise your chances of achieving a successful sale.


First impressions

First impressions count for everything! It sends a clear message to the buyers as to the condition of the property and what the can expect, if the property is pleasing to the eye then buyers will be far more interested about the prospect of viewing the property in detail. The impact of the external outlook is limitless; a well presented property with an attractive garden and clear driveway is far more appealing than a house with cracking paint and an overgrown lawn!



Pictures are a main selling point, they last long after a sale is completed more importantly buyers are always interested to view photographs before arranging a viewing. On the day photographs are taken try the following tips to ensure the photographs are the best possible:

  • Pack away cluttered belongings.
  • Neaten up as much as possible inside.
  • Let as much light in as you can (this makes for the most appealing pictures).
  • Ensure the garden is well-presented / maintained (if applicable).



Although you may like rooms green and pink and decorated to your taste; some people find it hard to get past the décor and cant imagine a room any other way. A way to get past without spending too much is to put a neutral colour over the otherwise “colourful” rooms to attract the buyer to the potential space.



Viewings are crucial, often a property is occupied by either the owner or a tenant in some cases a buyer will ask more detailed questions than necessary. This is done to find faults with the area or property to reason a reduced asking price.

A key here is to let the agent do the talking, we highlight the main selling points to ensure your property is as appealing as possible.